Tobacco-Free Outdoors

Tobacco-Free Outdoors

Tobacco-free outdoor public spaces including parks, playgrounds, beaches, libraries and municipal buildings are important to the health of our children and communities as a whole. Limiting exposure to secondhand smoke in areas of public access and recreation improves the quality of the air we share.

Cigarette butts are hazardous.

Many cigarette butts end up on the ground. Young children may pick up the butts and put them in their mouth, possibly choking or burning themselves. The harmful chemicals and nicotine in discarded cigarettes can be toxic and even fatal to a small child or family pet.

Secondhand smoke is harmful.

Children exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to suffer from colds, ear infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. Secondhand smoke is especially dangerous to children and adults with asthma or chronic illnesses.

Children Model Adult Behaviors

When children see adults smoking in a family-friendly place like a park, they think smoking is acceptable and are more likely to copy the behavior.

Our children deserve a clean, safe place to play.

What you can do to make Parks, Playgrounds and Outdoor Areas Smoke-Free?

  • Join community members throughout the Finger Lakes who are speaking out.
  • Reach out to TACFL for assistance
  • Join our local coalition working on this issue.

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