Smoke Free Housing

Smoke-Free Housing

New Yorkers are well aware that living in a smoke-free home is one of the best things they can do for their family’s health and to protect their property. Increasingly, landlords throughout New York are adopting no-smoking policies to reduce fire risk, save on maintenance costs, decrease the potential for legal liability due to non-smoking tenants’ exposure to secondhand smoke and to improve tenant health. A no-smoking policy does not exclude smokers; it protects the health of all residents from harmful secondhand smoke.


If you or your family are exposed to unwanted secondhand smoke in your apartment due to smoke drifting from a neighboring tenant, you can take steps to combat the problem. Visit the New York State Smoke-Free Multi Unit Housing website at to obtain the Tenant’s Guide to Smoke-Free Housing, and contact TACFL for guidance and support.

The Tobacco Action Coalition of the Finger Lakes is working with landlords and apartment managers to encourage them to adopt no-smoking rules for their buildings. You can help by directing your landlord to the New York State Smoke-Free Multi Unit Housing website where they can learn more about the benefits to adopting a no-smoking policy.

Landlords and Property Owners

Throughout New York State and across the country, apartment owners are recognizing the benefits to adopting a no-smoking policy. A smoke-free policy is a great way to protect your property from damage, fires, and excessive wear and tear. You will also gain a market advantage by providing a healthy environment for all tenants and guests. As more people become aware of the health hazards of secondhand smoke, smoke-free policies are an amenity that most tenants want.

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) mandates that all 100% HUD-funded properties go smokefree. This ruling protects tenants all across the country.

TACFL has assisted properties all across the Finger Lakes Region to go smokefree and continues to assist properties in beginning this process.

Visit for the following resources:

  • Tenant’s Guide to Smoke-Free Housing
  • New York Landlord Smoke-Free Housing Toolkit
  • New York Guide to Smoke-Free Condominiums
  • New York Guide to Smoke-Free Housing Cooperatives
  • Benefits of No Smoking Policies in Affordable Housing
  • Registry of Smoke-Free Housing in New York State
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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